The Official TATE INU Documentation

What is the TATE TOKEN?

TL:DR, if you need to make money fast, read this:
TATE is like SHIBA INU, without the wagie/cuck community and with a Top G utility. Holding $TATE gives you numerous advantages:
  • A New, Overpowered Crypto Affiliate Program: you've heard of kids making 50k per month on Tiktok promoting Tate's discord. 10x your commissions with the power of crypto.
  • A Shitcoins Brotherhood: Tate's teachings are missing the degeneracy of shitcoins. The Tate Inu devs will teach you, from A to Z on how to safely find and invest in the next 1,000,000
  • A Thrilling Investment: dog coins made people millions, $TATE is the same but without the wagie cuck mentality of these other skinny-little-nerd coins.
If there is one person that knows how to make money, it's Cobra Tate. Love him or hate him, TATE knows how to bring you to Bugatti-levels of wealth.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a 4-time world champion kickboxer that went recently viral for his controversial, based opinions. In a world of snowflakes, Tate liberated young men all across the world by showing the true path of a man is supposed to take and teach them how to make money.

So why $TATE ?

You've probably heard of SHIBA INU and other dog coins that did 1,000,000x and made people millionaires. However, the community is run by wagies or even worse unemployed nerds that trade NFTs all day and bring no actual value to society.
Guess what, you're still a loser. Even if you made some money on some BS NFT.
This is THE crypto coin bestowed from the Masters of Wudan.
We've worked hard to bring ACTUAL utility unlike the other dog coins. Guess what? Who gives a fuck if it doesn't make money? That's why we incorporated special pump-onomics that will bring this coin to billions of market cap, using psychological investor warface and aggressive marketing.
^This^, but with shitcoins...

How $TATE works

The main utility of the TATE token is to:
  1. 1.
    Enforce governance in the Tate Crypto ecosystem. Holders are able to vote for proposals on Snapshot, a simple off-chain voting interface for community members to signal sentiment during the early stages of a proposal’s life cycle.
  2. 2.
    Commissions rewarded to affiliates. Members of the Tate crypto program are paid in $TATE and can cash out at any moment. This way, if you earn commissions by referring friends, you can still 10x those rewards by simply holding $TATE, as it can skyrocket at any moment.
  3. 3.
    Access to restricted courses, giveaways and more. Got no friends to invite? Holding $TATE also allows you to access courses of other gurus that are usually thousands of dollars. We make money out here in all different ways, just like in Hustler's University.
  4. 4.
    The next 1,000,000x opportunity. If you've ever wanted a Bugatti like master Tate, this is it. Holding Tate is the closest you'll ever be to reach true financial freedom and finally stop being a wagie looser.
The boring tokenomics are as follow (for crypto nerds):
  • The current taxes are 0% on buys and sells
  • The current supply of $TATE is 1 quadrillion 1,000,000,000,000,000.
  • Anti-whale mechanics are in place where max wallet allowed is 1% of supply.
  • 0% of tokens are sent to VCs, presale or Team. This is a 100% fair launch.
  • 15% will be burned
  • 3% of supply is sent to exchange hot wallets, for easier listing on their exchange (Binance, Crypto.com, FTX, Coinbase,...)
  • 4% is sent to the marketing wallet (managed by PERMABULL DAO: permabullish.eth)
  • 4% is kept for utility + affiliate program
  • In addition, we will have:
    • Renounced contract (this means we can't make any changes to the contract anymore)
    • Locked Liquidity (we won't run with all investor's money)
    • Audit

So how do I buy?

Follow the steps explained in this tutorial: How to Buy​
Beware of scams! Only trust links from our official pages below. We are only on the ERC Ethereum Chain (No Binance).
Twitter: twitter.com/earnTATE​
Telegram: t.me/earnTATE​
Tiktok: tiktok.com/@earnTATE​
Instagram: instagram.com/earnTATE​
Website: earntate.com​
dApp: app.earntate.com​
$TATE contract address: 0xc3f1a3064e11e88cdca630139559324e248c2368
Dextools Chart: https://www.dextools.io/app/ether/pair-explorer/0xc3f1a3064e11e88cdca630139559324e248c2368
Buy on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?&chain=mainnet&use=v2&outputCurrency=0xc3f1a3064e11e88cdca630139559324e248c2368
Snapshot Governance: TBA
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