TATE 2.0

What exactly is TATE 2.0?

The long-awaited dev update. You probably are wondering what exactly does the long-awaited update do?
  • A crypto academy: Ever wanted to access all the money making-methods and courses from the TOPG himself? Now you can, directly access using your $TATE balance.
  • A shill-to-earn platform: Use your personal referral code below and invite your wagie friends to join the TOPG academy.
  • A post-to-earn system (releasing soon): Tate's fame is due to his viralness on Tiktok. EarnTATE now rewards holders if they post on Tiktok and grow the community!
  • The TATESwap (being tested): Swap ETH for TATE using the lowest fees!
  • TATEStake (TBD): Stake your TATE to earn APY interest and grow your holdings soon.
  • The TATE Venture Fund (Coming Soon): TATE will invest in certain protocols and yield farming opportunities to give back to holders once in profit!

The Crypto Academy

We saw that many folks could not gain access to TATE’s teachings as they are all in crypto, don’t posses a credit card, or is simply out of reach for their means. By paying with your TATE balance, you can gain access to TATE’s courses without having to purchase an additional subscription or course.
With the TOPG crypto academy, you gain access to:
  • Body Language
  • Master Chess
  • Fitness Program
  • Iron Mind Program
  • Making Money in De-Fi
  • Webcam Business
  • Network Brilliance
  • GodMode Elite
  • Playboy Tactics
  • Hustlers University 1.0
  • PHD - How To Get Girls
We are working on getting access to the following content, and are not yet available as we speak:
  • Hustlers University 2.0
  • The War Room

How do I gain access?

Simply head over to the dApp and follow the instructions on the home screen.
  • Approve the dApp to use your TATE balance
  • Burn 500 Billion tokens
  • Wait 24 hours to get the credentials to access TATE's exclusive content

Is it safe?

Yes, you can connect your Metamask safely without any issues, we only ask for reading permissions initially. If you want to gain access to the courses, you will need to approve the dApp to use your balance. We won't burn more than 500 Billion tokens. In doubt, please contact us.

What about the TATE token?

We added hyper-deflationary tokenomics to our dApp as more users use the platform, the more the token becomes deflationary. Our utility is that as more people use our dApp and its features, more people will burn the $TATE token. This removes it from its circulation and hence making every individual coin more scarce and increasing demand (simple economics cause the token to increase in price over time).

Is TATE onboard with this?

TATE recently announced that he will not endorse any crypto project. Our goal is to show him that some projects can instead benefit his brand and help him grow. We believe that our dApp will increase his sales and attention towards his brand, in return for his approval.
The synergy should make both our project and his brand grow and this is why we believe in $TATE, and keep working until the TOPG himself approves too.