Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too. Pivoting is a way of life. That means that we don’t publicly commit to specific timelines, so we can organize our development priorities based on market changes.
For example the utility of the TATE token might change or become redundant over time, so the team is committed to stack utility to the token.
Phase 1: Launch
  • Core Development ✅
  • Website & Branding Set up ✅
  • Docs & Whitepaper release ✅
  • Community Launch (Telegram) ✅
  • Coin Launch & Contract Optimization ✅
  • v1 Launch ✅
Phase 2: Early Adoption
  • First commissions paid (manual, so may take up to 24hrs)
  • Affiliate dashboard Set up ✅
  • LP locked, then relocked
  • Heavy marketing with influencers
  • Audit & KYC
Phase 3: Cruising Speed
  • v2 Dashboard (automatic withdrawals, airdrops, etc...)
  • Coingecko & CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Expand Team (Developers, Analysts, Mods...)
  • Staking
Phase 4: Mass Adoption
  • Full functional DAO for investment picks (e.g. on Snapshot)
  • Partnerships with other protocols
  • CEX listing (Binance, Crypto.com, FTX,...)
  • Renounced Ownership

Future Projects

Having doubts? It's ok, either you keep sucking on your momma's teet as a wagie, or you start to man the fuck up and make a change in your life. Not convinced with the previous roadmap? The team is buzzing to thinh of utility. So while you sit around with a thumb up your ass, here's what all we will do without you:
▢ Global Domination thru viral Tiktoks
▢ Free guru courses for holders
▢ Binance & Coinbase Listing
▢ Green dildo candle to $50M
▢ Tatechain Layer 2 launch with no gas fees
▢ Tate Casino nodes for passive income
▢ Official Currency of Romania
▢ Tate v Elon Musk Boxing Match
▢ TATE referrals fuel Balkan Economy
▢ Free Kickboxing classes for holders
▢ Free test drives in Bugattis for holders
▢ Cobra Tate joins marketing team
Have a suggestion or want to partner up? Contact us and let us know!