DAO Assets Governance

The TATE token is used to issue governance over the project. The team will roll out proposals for the community to decide the trajectory of the project. At the moment we are using Snapshot to issue proposals, and holders must hold $TATE in able to vote.
Right now, project assets like the treasury wallet are controlled by the core team. Eventually, we plan to transition into a DAO and build an on-chain governance solution for TATE holders to control revenues from the treasury.

KYC (In progress)

We also plan to issue a KYC for our project. Our team is not doxxed, but many investors will feel reassured that our identities are transmitted to a trusted third party. We will update this feed once we reach further milestones on our roadmap.

Liquidity Lock

$TATE was stealth launched with liquidity bootstrapped by the team. Liquidity is first locked for 1 month and will be re-locked after the trial period.
Current liquidity lock: TBA

Renounced Ownership

Renouncing ownership means investors can have the confidence that the team won't change some of the tokenomics midway of trading. For example, when a contract is renounced, the team cannot change the tax to 99% or disabling trading. We aim to bring this security feature a few days after launch, after seeing that our tokenomics work as intended.
As a utility coin, this feature will not be immediately available, as we may do some modifications before locking the protocol into place. For example, you wouldn't want a CEO to abandon their leadership power when managing their company, only when it has reached a certain level can the ownership be transferred to shareholders.


Unfortunately the world of crypto can sometimes be malicious. Never share your seed phrase to anyone online. Beware of scammers sharing fake contract addresses or pretending to be developers of this project, mods or some kind of support team.
Generally, be wary of people contacting you first. Honeypots are fake contracts that may or may not look similar to ours, but where the scammers disables all sells and runs away with your money. The official contract will be posted in this documentation or on our official social channels.
Make sure you only trust information from the domain https://www.earntate.com
The PERMABULL DAO is not liable for any kind of scam the investors falls into, outside of the PERMABULL ecosystem.