What is the slippage for trading?
There is no slippage. Set it to 0%.
Warning! 0 tax coins get attacked by bots, as they try to front-run large transactions with high slippage to make them buy higher and immediately dump after. No slippage is required for this coin. A high slippage means a high likely-hood you will be suffer from this attack.
Was this a presale?
No this was not a presale. Noone was airdropped free tokens at launch.
Are devs doxxed?
The team is composed by pseudo-anonymous developers, marketing strategist and DeFi analysts. All the members are located in different European and Asian demographic zones. In the future, we may revisit the opportunity to doxx ourselves and give investors safety. At the time being, we are in the process of initiating a KYC.
How do I get my rewards/reflections?
There are no reflections for this token.
How do I contact the team?
Depending on the nature of your request, please contact us as following:
Is liquidity locked?
Yes, on launch the liquidity will be locked within the first few minutes of trading. The link will be posted in our telegram and on our docs. The liquidity will be locked for at least 3 months initially, then extended immediately after for longer if we see no further development is required on the smart contract.
LP lock: TBA
How is this not a ponzi?
Firstly, we worked hard on giving utility to the TATE token, so it does not rely on new capital to constantly grow.
Secondly, additional compensation may be offered to investors that buy the top, as courtesy of the devs. Ous story does also not end here when this project ends. Follow the devs for more opportunities for the next moonshot if you miss this one!
Thirdly, everything is a ponzi. Stocks, mortgages, your job, even your ugly wife up until the divorce.