How to get commissions

This part is up to you, you are free to gain affiliates in any method you like (except spam), but we can offer some guidance. Use the methods below to start earning your first commissions!

Method 1: Tiktok

Tate's HU program was made popular because of its successful affiliate program members could participate in, combined with the virality of Tate's controversial persona. TATE capitalises on the same principles and offers affiliates a supercharged affiliate program, thanks to the power of crypto.
Why join the TATE Crypto Program?
  • The standard HU2 affiliate program is already almost saturated
  • TATE offers a new, exciting product to the Tate community
  • Monetise your audience again if your page got viral thanks to Tate
  • Easily use viral clips on social platforms to boost your earnings
  • 10x your commissions by using the power of crypto thanks to $tate appreciating in value
  • Jump aboard the latest 1,000,000x opportunity
  • Benefit exclusive perks outside the TATE Crypto Program: see whitepaper​

Method 2: Groups

With the TATE Crypto Program, you can get paid to shill! Share your referral code with friends, co-workers, family, crypto bros, and even your grandma if she's a top G. A successful referral includes more than just the link, but also explaining why this is exclusive alpha and that they'd be wagies not to sign up.
  • Discord
  • Telegram
  • Chat apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage)
Spreading the word about TATE and explaining to people how it works are one of the best ways to support the project right now.

Method 3: Other

The above methods already work fantastically, but you can get creative on how you can share your referral code. Here are some ideas we have found for you:
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Email list
  • Youtube reels/videos
  • Reddit
  • 4chan
  • and more!
Finally, we invite affiliates to be creative. Sometimes creativity can make things go viral so we invite the community to create memes, videos, tiktoks and informative threads to bring value instead of simply spam shilling your link everywhere.
In the meantime, stay active in our telegram where we have regular contests and organise raids for soft shilling in telegram lounges, telegram groups, reddit and other social platforms.
If you tell your friends and family to invest in TATE, make sure to inform them of the risks on cryptocurrencies and let them know how to avoid scams and stay safe with their wallets!