Affiliate Program


It pays to have friends, especially if they are also big supporters of the based talks of Andrew Tate. With the TATE Crypto Program you can get paid for shilling your favourite shitcoin.
Earn up to 100% of your referrals balance!
Here's how to get started:

Sign up

To join the affiliate program, head over to app.earntate.com or use one of your friends referral links. Your friends might have gifted you some tokens so make sure to use those, you are not able to claim them after registration.
1. Connect your wallet to claim your tokens or view your commission earned. You need a Metamask account to do this, but no $TATE is required beforehand. We only ask for read permissions and make no transactions on your wallet on your behalf.
2. Write your twitter for verification and to allow your affiliates to easily recognise you and be more trustworthy. If you're not on twitter, you can easily create one here.
Attention: if you input another person's twitter handle, all your commissions will be claimable by that account. This also applies for mistyped Twitter handles, and changed usernames. Make sure to double check your handle as you cannot change this later.
3. Tweet your verification code to validate your account. We don't tweet on your behalf, we just ask to share your code so we know it's your account, and it helps pump your bags!
Press continue to access your dashboard. A bug? Contact us​

Share your code

Every new affiliate gets a custom referral code they can share and promote (how? see Promote). It is based on their twitter handle so it is recognisable for your friends and family. We do not share your wallet data.
Every new sign up, you will earn 10,000 $TATE tokens. In the future, you will also gain your referrals' invested amount into TATE.

Withdraw your commissions

To withdraw your commissions, fill the form with the button placed under your commission balance. At the moment, the smart contract to automatically claim your tokens is not available and the transfers are made manually. Please allow 24 hours to see your claimed tokens reflected in your balance.
Note: There is a 3 lock period for your sign-up bonus to prevent abuse. You must have made at least 1 commission to withdraw on each request. We do this because the gas fees on Ethereum are high and it would not be cost-effective otherwise.
In case of fraud or deemed abuse, the TATE team reserves the right to terminate any affiliate at will. We made this program so that everybody can eat, but obviously we have to pick out the few bad players that ruin it for everyone.
In case we deem the affiliate program not functional anymore, or we decide to pivot in a different utility, the Team reserves the right to pause the affiliate program until further notice. We do this in case we find a better utility and do what is best for the potential of the project (check roadmap). All commissions will be paid and the affiliates alerted in case of any change.